30 March 2014

Topbox March 2014 (Philosophy)

For the month of March I've wished for Philosophy Privé Topbox and I got it swapped with regular Topbox at no cost! Here's what I got in the box:

Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Aging Concentrate 3.6ml ($9.72)
featuring breakthrough peptide technology that bolsters skin's natural ability to self rejuvenate as it helps support natural collagen, resulting in increased firmness. Formulated with multiple antioxidants this hydrating, water-based gel helps protect the skin against free radical attack, and oil-free formula is appropriate for use under makeup, sunscreen or moisturizer. 
Full Size: 30ml       Price: $81

New! Designed to help visibly improve the look of your skin. Key ingredients for your nighttime rejuvenation include marine algae extract, a unique milk peptide complex, hydrators to lock in moisture while you sleep and Vitamin C and lactic acid, which enhance radiance for miraculous mornings. 
Full size: 60ml       Price: $82

Ageless skin begins with a miraculous cleanser. Gently exfoliate with lactic acid as it completely cleanses and conditions for more radiant, youthful-looking skin. The creamy formula completely removes surface dirt and oil while leaving skin feeling comfortable, and multitasks as a weekly brightening mask when left on the skin for 3-5 minutes.
Full Size: 240ml      Price: $36

Philosophy's exclusive hpr, high-peformance retinoid, delivers all the benefits of retinoid with less potential for irritation. It helps speed surface cell turnover and support natural collagen to dramatically improve the look wrinkles and discoloration, as targeted peptides reduce under-eye bags and dark circles.
Full Size: 15ml      Price: $78

This month's box estimated retail value in total is $34.19 and I saved around ~$22.19! In the past I've tried exactly two items from Philosophy, the Purity Made Simple and The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. I've stopped using both because I found Purity dried out my skin and it is not something that I'm looking for especially in this extreme winter weather. While I love the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash more than Purity, it is definitely not an everyday face cleanser for me. One day I accidentally left the bottle by the window in my bathroom and the whole bottle freezes up overnight (now you know how cold it is) and changed the texture so I threw it out. 

Philosophy is definitely a well-known brand and price wise it is definitely a little bit more expensive (but it lasts forever). I can't wait to try their new line Miracle Worker, especially the eye cream as I'm looking for one to reduce my no-shame dark circles. I'll wait until the winter is over to try the cleanser because I've been loving my current skincare products that suits me well this winter. 

If you want to try Philosophy's new Miracle Worker line, make sure you check out   Miracle Worker Miraculous Skin Collection and Box of Miracles Miraculous Anti-Aging Skin Care Discovery Set both from Sephora.

Merci Ma Chéri

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