5 May 2014

In the midst of Spring

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Ohhh I've been really busy last month with my final exam and I was working a lot as well. I'm so excited for May mainly because of the beautiful Spring weather! Well, who doesn't? 

I've got plans for Spring such as;
do more crafts
jog everyday
read a novel
take more pictures and videos
learn how to use photoshop
be happy
update blog often
and the list goes on...

If I'm not lazy I'll post a review on my recent trip to New York. I went to New York twice last year, I almost can't believe myself because flight tickets aren't cheap and I'm only a student. I think I could go to France with all that money I've spent just on transportation. Had a bit of drama (stranded in NY because of the blizzard) while we were there but nothing too extreme. It was a fun trip overall! 

I'm going to spend my Summer in Asia (my hometown yay!) this year. I wish I could go to Bangkok, Bali, Krabi and Sabah and few more islands around Malaysia but sadly I can't because I'll be in Asia for a short period of time. Next year maybe! Travelling is so fun: everytime I travel I need to step out of my comfort zone, I challenge myself, I immerse myself in the culture (more or less), and at the end of my trip the feeling of satisfaction is priceless (ok just kidding, it is still pricey though).

I never picture myself like in the movie Eat, Pray, Love when I travel. I definitely feel satisfied but maybe it isn't long or spiritual enough for me to feel like I've been reborn. Once the trip is over, the reality kicks in, I go back to doing whatever I'm supposed to do and start planning on my next trip. The cycle continues..but I'm not complaining.

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